Weekend Alloy Wheel Repairs at Wynnum!

Weekend Alloy Wheel Repairs at Wynnum!

Alloy Wheel Repairs Wynnum

All Alloy Wheel Repairs at Wynnum just $99 when you bring your car to us on the weekend!             

Have your quality and affordable repairs done in 30 minutes due to our specialized equipment and our high attention to detail and experienced craftsmanship.  Leaving you time to enjoy your day – maybe some fish and chips by the water!

Call or text Josh on 0401 754 252


*Valid on February 2017 only.

April Special Get Your 2nd Wheel Repair FREE!

April Special Get Your 2nd Wheel Repair FREE!

For the month of April only, Alloy Action is offering free minor scratch wheel repairs!

We have found that a lot of clients have one badly damaged wheel, with one or two wheels with only minor scratches on them. Don’t wait for these minor scratches to turn into major gouges!

Normally pay $99 for a minor scratch repair, but for April only get it for FREE when you get 1 major gutter rash repair.

April Wheel Repair Special

For any questions please call Josh on 0401 754 252.

Alloy Action guarantees a factory finish on almost all alloy wheel repairs! Send through a picture to 0401 754 252 or email it through to, to receive a no obligation free quote.


Conditions Apply

  • *Alloy Action will require photos before quoting the wheels
  • *Free service is offered at Alloy Actions discretion as to what is a minor scratch or not
I just scratched my wheel, what can I do?

I just scratched my wheel, what can I do?

Should I replace or fix my scratched wheels?

We, Alloy Action hear the cry for help in Brisbane every day. Hard working people investing in a brand new car with 20” alloy wheels only to get a minor scratch days later. Brand new factory wheels can set you back $1000’s but don’t stress, your curb damage can be repaired for a fraction of the cost. The good news is that minor to major gutter rash do not require full refurbishments. This means you save time & money! Your brand new alloy wheel can be restored back to factory finish (brand new) in as little as forty minutes. The area is repaired, leaving no trace of any damage.  You will not require a full refurbishment unless there is corrosion from brake dust or paint flaking and peeling.

Alloy Action, Brisbane's Alloy Wheel Repairs

Josh is bringing his fast, convenient and quality wheel repair service to Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs at an affordable price. Keep your wheels in tip top shape by repairing small gouges, before a full refurbishment is required.

Are you selling your car? Why not tidy up all scratches on your alloy wheels to make them look new again. This process can add value and assist in making that very important sale!

Check out our April special

March special, repair all gutter rash on a set of Alloy Wheels

March special, repair all gutter rash on a set of Alloy Wheels

Get all gutter rash cleaned up on your mag and alloy wheels for as little as $509!

Only had your car for a few months but already find that the alloy wheels are looking dull effecting the look of your car? Looking to upgrade your car and wanting to make a quick sale?

This March, Alloy Action has the perfect deal for you!

Don’t underestimate the power of the alloy wheel. A clean, shiny wheel can change the look of your car!

Call 0401754252 now to book in your wheels this March!

Brisbane – Logan – Redlands – Ipswitch

March Special, Full Set Wheel Repair $509