Damaged Alloy Wheels FAQ

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about damaged Alloy Wheels


This page contains a collection of the answers to the most common questions people ask about damaged alloy wheels and Alloy Action operations.

Q. Why fix scratched and curbed alloy wheels?

A: Cost effective ‘touch up’ wheel repairs will extend the value and longevity of your wheels and prevent the need for full refurbishment which is costly. The trend in the car industry is for cars to be sold with larger than ever alloy wheels that carry low profile tyres that have wide wheel tracks. These combined factors make mag wheels more susceptible to the threats of curbing when parking. This is one of the main reasons why after only a short time of owning a brand new car, wheels can become damaged and can influence the overall look of the car. Don’t let small chips, wheel scratches and scrapes affect the look and value of your car, fix your scratched wheels today from as little as $99.00!

Q. How long does a wheel repair take?

A: The great thing about an Alloy Action repair is the convenient and professional service. A repair can be conducted in as little as 40 minutes yet the quality of work is not jeopardized. This is made possible with specialised equipment and the repair technician’s high attention to detail and experienced craftsmanship.

Q: Do I have to remove the tyre from the wheel?

A: The tyre can stay on the wheel for the repair. No need to take the wheel off the car, deal with a tyre shop. The repair technician can conduct the repair with the wheel on the carThis way you can drive your car straight after the repair.

Q: What forms of payments does Alloy Action accept?

A: Alloy Action accepts on the spot credit card and eftpos payments. Over the phone credit card payments can also be organised for your convenience.

Cheque/Cash also accepted. Bank deposit can also be arranged.

Q: What kind of finish can I expect?

A: Most wheels a factory brand new finish can be expected. (See Alloy Action Gallery Before and After)

However, it depends on what kind of alloy or mag wheel you need repaired. Please send through an online quote request, or text a picture through and a repair technician can explain exactly what finish you can expect.

Q: Can the repair be conducted at my workplace?

A:  The repair can be conducted at any convenient location. All that is required is open space and access to power.

wheelMore questions?  Call Alloy Action 1300 955 100 or Send an online quote request today.

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