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Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair Specialist Brisbane

Alloy Action is a small business that provides Brisbane with an innovative approach to luxury car care maintenance with Brisbane Mobile Alloy Wheel Repairs

Smart, convenience, innovation, superior after care service all whilst maintaining a high quality wheel repair finish with a 24 Month Warranty.

Alloy Actions’ Mission is;
to provide an honest, ethical, luxury wheel maintenance service that fits into your everyday busy life 

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Alloy Action Contact


13000ALLOY or 0401 754 252

Business Hours

Booking: Mon-Sun 8am-8pm,  Repairs: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm

Accept credit card and eftpos payments

Josh Hughes | Brisbane Mobile Alloy Wheel Repairs

Josh Hughes is the proud owner and operator of Alloy Action providing fast, convenient Brisbane Mobile Alloy Wheel Repairs. He’s happy when you are. If you are not happy we guarantee your money back!

Josh has been working in the industry for over 8 years, and prides himself as one of Brisbane’s best Alloy Wheel Repair technicians. His eye for detail and one of a kind craftsmanship assists in providing repairs that result in a 100% factory finish. Customers are never disappointed, and constantly leave great feedback about the finishes that he is able to get.

Josh takes pride in all the work that he conducts and seeks positive or negative feedback to improve the service and product that he provides. He is continuously looking at ways to improve his business and the service that he provides.

Alloy Repairs within 30 minutes by Alloy Action
I’m very impressed on the professionalism and skill of Josh. He was able to fix the damage to my 20″ alloy wheels and took only 45 minutes to finish. He made it look really easy to do which shows the level of skill the he has got. The mags look great and I’m glad that it was Josh who did the job. 

5star services and quality Erwin, Brisbane

If you would like to consider Alloy Action for your wheel repair needs, please call Josh on 0401 754 252 for more information or submit an online quote request today!