Alloy Wheel Repairs | The Process

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Alloy Wheel Repairs | The Process – The guy who owns the business fixes your wheels. Josh believes he’s only as good as his last repair job, and he strives to be the best – every time.

All Alloy Action’s work comes with a 24-month warranty, because he stands behind his work.

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  • Gutter Rash on Wheels
  • Scratches and Gouges on Wheels
  • Chips on Wheels
  • Grazes on Wheels
  • 100 % Colour Matching Techniques
  •  Innovative Wheel Maintenance
  • 100 % mobile service, no power required

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wheel repair   Step One: Clean Wheels

An all important step for an Alloy Action alloy wheel repair is to clean the wheel/s thoroughly to expose all the areas that will need to be treated and repaired. In most cases we will not need to remove the wheels from the car as all damaged areas are exposed.

wheel repair   Step Two: Hard Sanding

The next step is to hard sand away the surface of the alloy wheel. This removes all damage and prepares the surface for a quality wheel repair. If the area is not properly prepared with hard sanding, you will find your alloy wheel repair will not last. Alloy Action understands the importance of all the steps of an alloy wheel repair.


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wheel repair   Step Three: Soft Sanding & Alloy Compound

Soft sanding is a delicate process where the aim is to create the smoothest possible surface. If any shape is lost to your wheel due to hard sanding and soft sanding, an alloy compound will be used to re-create the exact shape. This step is however option, depending on how deep the gouges or scratches are.

wheel repair   Step Four: Paint Application

Alloy Action are colour match specialists. We promise to match the colour of your alloy wheel exactly. Your wheel is primed, delicately painted (with no over spray) and clear coated for a lasting high shine finish.