Alloy Wheel Refurbishment & Colour Change

Full Alloy Wheel Refurbishment & Colour Change

What is involved with Full Wheel Resprays

Full wheel resprays should not be conducted with the wheels on the car and the tyres on the wheels. There are some companies that promote full wheel resprays and conduct them with the wheels on the car. This makes the process quick and painless however as only the face of the wheel is sprayed it leaves a lip of paint on the edge. This type of finish will not last more than 6 months. As soon as you need to change the tyres the paint will start to peel and flake away. Alloy Action does not recommend full wheel resprays be conducted on the car as it will devalue factory wheels.

Brisbane based mobile alloy wheel specialists, Alloy Action is currently not offering full alloy wheel refurbishments with a complete colour change.

Gutter Rash Repairs – Keep your wheels up to manufactures standards for factory re-sell value

Alloy Action Pty Ltd does not conduct full wheel resprays in Brisbane. We provide smart, fast and convenient mobile scratch and gouge repairs at your home or workplace. With over 8 years experience in the wheel repair industry we know that in order to get a high quality finish on your alloy wheels a complete refurbishment or colour change should not be attempted at your home without taking the wheels off the car and removing the tyres from the wheels. Alloy Action does not provide full resprays as a service as our objective is to provide a smart, convenient mobile repairs with a long lasting finish. In order to get a high quality finish the process of a colour change or full refurbishment is costly, inconvenient and time consuming for the everyday customer. 

Keep your wheels up to manufactuers standards for factory re-sell value and get all gutter rash removed with your wheels returned to its former factory condition.

Text or email through photos for a full quote and information about the repair process.

Hi Josh & Elle, Thanks so for taking care of my damaged alloy wheel repair. This is the second time I have used you & Have been totally satisfied with the quality of the product. I am so pleased with the final repair which is undetectable. I am very happy to recommend you to any of my friends. Best wishes to you both & have a merry christmas! Clive Sandon





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